You are currently viewing Cheap 7-nights holiday in Jamaica, for only £588 pp (B&b & flights from London with TUi)

Cheap 7-nights holiday in Jamaica, for only £588 pp (B&b & flights from London with TUi)

     Cheap 7-nights holiday in Jamaica, Negril region. Only £588 for direct flights from London & accommodation with superb breakfast included.


True to its name, Rooms on the Beach Negril puts a seven-mile-long strip of sugar-fine sand right on your doorstep.

Style-wise, this place is classically Caribbean. All the canary-coloured room blocks are bordered by gardens filled with tropical trees and flowers. Plus, they’re joined up by paths that lead right to the beach.

There’s no shortage of things to do when you get down to the sand. The pool’s a stone’s throw away from the shore, and there’s a watersports centre that deals in scuba diving* and water-skiing*.

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     Negril is a small (pop. 6,900) but widely dispersed beach resort town located across parts of two Jamaican parishesWestmoreland and Hanover.[1]

     Negril is about an hour and fifteen minute drive on the coastal highway from Sir Donald Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay. Westmoreland is the westernmost parish in Jamaica, located on the south side of the island. Downtown Negril, the West End cliff resorts to the south of downtown, and the southern portion of the so-called “seven mile (11 km) beach” are in Westmoreland. The northernmost resorts on the beach are in Hanover Parish. The nearest large town is Savanna-la-Mar, the capital of Westmoreland Parish.

     The name Negril is a shortened version of Negrillo (Spanish: Little black one), as it was originally named by the Spanish in 1494. A theory holds that because there was a vast population of black eels along Negril’s coast, the Spaniards called the area Anguila Negra which was shortened to Negrillo and then to Negril. Although Negril has a long history, it did not become well known until the second half of the twentieth century.

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