You are currently viewing Cheap flights from London to Bratislava, from £12 pp return

Cheap flights from London to Bratislava, from £12 pp return

Cheap flights from London to Bratislava, Slovakia, from only £12 per person both ways with Ryanair and explore the rich culture.

This is a trip on your own. All reservations must be made by you. Places are limited and can run out quickly. Use the blue buttons to book.



is the capital and largest city of Slovakia. Officially, the population of the city is about 430,000;[5] however, it is estimated to be more than 660,000 – approximately 150% of the official figures.[6] It is one of the smaller capitals of Europe but still the country’s largest city. Bratislava is in southwestern Slovakia, occupying both banks of the River Danube and the left bank of the River Morava. Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two sovereign states.[7]

The city’s history has been influenced by people of many nations and religions, including AustriansBulgariansCroatsCzechsGermansHungariansJewsSerbs[8] and Slovaks.[9] It was the coronation site and legislative center and capital of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1536 to 1783,[10] and has been home to many Slovak, Hungarian and German historical figures.

The cityscape of Bratislava is characterised by medieval towers and grandiose 20th-century buildings, but it underwent profound changes in a construction boom at the start of the 21st century.[84]

Most historical buildings are concentrated in the Old TownBratislava’s Town Hall is a complex of three buildings erected in the 14th–15th centuries and now hosts the Bratislava City MuseumMichael’s Gate is the only gate that has been preserved from the medieval fortifications, and it ranks among the oldest of the town’s buildings;[85] the narrowest house in Europe is nearby.[86] The University Library building, erected in 1756, was used by the Diet of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1802 to 1848.[87] Much of the significant legislation of the Hungarian Reform Era (such as the abolition of serfdom and the foundation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) was enacted there.

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