After the success of the “Health Ticket” campaign, Cluj-Napoca City Hall proposed that it be continued throughout 2020.

After the success of the "Health Ticket" campaign, a pilot project initiated by Sports Festival, Cluj-Napoca City Hall proposed that it be continued throughout 2020. Thus, the bus station on Memorandumului Street will be adopted by a series of private partners who will support the cost of tickets issued free of charge to citizens, in exchange for 20 knee bends. AROBS Transilvania Software is the first company to come together with Sports Festival and Cluj-Napoca City Hall to support the "Health Station".
The smart health station has so far functioned as a pilot project. During all this time, 13,500 health tickets were issued, exceeding initial expectations and calculations. That means 270,000 knee bends performed, 27,000 minutes of exercise and about 216,000 calories burned by those who took their health ticket. AROBS is the first partner to take over the support of the program for the next weeks, ensuring the cost of the tickets for which the people of Cluj will kneel in the "Health Station".
So far, the cost of the tickets issued has been borne by the Sports Festival and the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, with the main objective of encouraging people to introduce the movement into the daily routine. The initiators of the project are looking for solutions to further support the costs. Thus, several companies from Cluj-Napoca want to ensure the continuity of the project.

source: Transilvania Reporter

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